Blockchain is a great invention that brings about a change in production relations and solves the problem of trust to some degree. Specifically, blockchain creates many “trust” scenarios without the need for centralization and third parties, such as immutability, execution as agreed, and prevention of repudiation. However, the reality is cruel. There are many misunderstandings about blockchain, and the bad guys will use these misunderstandings to exploit the loophole and steal money from people, causing a lot of financial losses. Today, the crypto world has already become a dark forest.

The DarkHandBook is not just a handbook. We are working with more high-quality Web3 partners to improve the security awareness of this industry to at least one level. This feeling is a bit like DAO, and the industry will be better and better.

The originator of the DarkHandBook is Cos, but the honor belongs to all contributors.


黑手册不仅只是一份手册,我们正在联合更多优质的 Web3 合作伙伴,一起将这个行业的安全意识提高至少一个台阶。这种感觉有点像 DAO,这个行业一定会越来越好。